Cannabis Oil


http://tetraconcentrates.cahttp://tetraconcentrates.cahttp://tetraconcentrates.caTETRA TEARS HONEY OIL

Honey oil is another common form of cannabis oil. Some oils are produced for powerful psychoactive effects and others strictly for food infusion or topical applications, Tetra Honey oil can be used for all of these applications.

 and contains between 70%-85% THC.

Extraction from the buds include full profile of terpenes – leaving behind an unadulterated tasting oil. Our patients are most impressed by it’s natural profile without any terpenes added back.




Tetra concentrates will continue to surpass not only your expectations but those of your customers as well.


At Tetra, all of our material is tested for contaminants prior to extraction. We work closely with experienced cultivators to ensure the highest quality materials, allowing for the highest quality extractions.