1st Pass / 2nd Pass

Raw Distillate



Truly in a class of it’s own when compared to other concentrates, this fine oil is used alone, in vape cartridges, tinctures or edibles.  Our  distillation process allows us to remove any lipids, impurities or solvents, leaving behind an odorless high value clear distillate .

The  solventless  extract contains between

89%-93% THC with very few terpenes.

We achievethis by using heat and vacuum

to createvery high levels of delta 8 and 9

molecules.  A second bathing process through

a patentedprocess allows us to creater a “Water Clear”



Tetra concentrates will continue to surpass not only your expectations but those of your customers as well.


At Tetra, all of our material is tested for contaminants prior to extraction. We work closely with experienced cultivators to ensure the highest quality materials, allowing for the highest quality extractions.