From Lucid Afterlife

Cannabis in all forms has been an integral part of the healing and balance in not only my life but the life of my entire family. My brother has been diagnosed with ADHD from a young age and still benefits from the leveling out effects of cannabis. My father was injured in a tragic motorcycle accident leaving him with excruciating pain and inflammation, because of cannabis he was able to stop using unhealthy addictive prescription drugs and live without pain and suffering. My other brother is starting to use cannabis products to battle addiction and I use cdb and other products when I am in pain due to inflammation. My mother is a recovering cancer patient working with her medical team to introduce the benefits of CDB oil into her path to health. Not only do I speak for the power and usefulness of cannabis but I have also donated my time and performed at the 20,000 plus person “420” rally in my hometown of Vancouver BC. I am excited to be connected to Tetra Technologies not only because they have a quality product but also because they lab test the purity and integrity of all there products so my family can feel at ease knowing they are getting their cannabis from a reliable source.



Nathanial Jack - from Lucid Afterlife


    Tetra concentrates will continue to surpass not only your expectations but those of your customers as well.


    At Tetra, all of our material is tested for contaminants prior to extraction. We work closely with experienced cultivators to ensure the highest quality materials, allowing for the highest quality extractions.